Purple Haze Carrots

Daucus carota

Combines an amber skin color with sweet flavor and tapered roots with large, healthy tops. The skin is variable colors ranging from orange to amber to purple, with a bright orange interior. Cooking will cause the color to fade. Dutch breeders recently studied the health qualities of purple carrots and believe they give us extra protection against various forms of cancer and heart disease. They contain purple pigments called anthocyanins, and act as anti-oxidants that protect the body. According to J Agric Food Chem (2001 Mar; 49(3):1410-6), purple carrots contained 2.2 and 2.3 times more alpha- and beta-carotenes (trace in yellow; not detected in white) than orange carrots, respectively. They are actually a throw-back to the original wild carrots that were later bred into today’s commercial carrots that are perfectly straight & symmetrical, which these are not!

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