Coriandrum sativum

Coriander is a delicately branched annual that reaches a height of 2-3 ft with a spread of 1-2 ft. The white or pink flowers are tiny and borne in numerous compound umbels. This herb gives us two distinctly different flavors for the kitchen. The lacy foliage is “cilantro”, a parsley-like garnish with a distinctive, fresh fragrance that is indispensable in Mexican and Southeast Asian salads, soups, and meat dishes. The dried seeds are “coriander”, a pleasantly aromatic spice that is much used in European and Middle Eastern stews, sausages, and cakes.


Snake Gourd Raita Ingredients
1 sliced snake gourd
8 oz plain yogurt
1 tsp of grated coconut
1 green chili

Fry mustard seeds in 1 tsp oil till they spatter (optional)

Slit and discard the spongy portion and seeds from the gourd.
Cut gourd into small pieces.
Steam in microwave with little water.
When half cooked, remove and cool and
Mix with yogurt.
Grind coconut with green chili to a paste.
Add this paste to the yogurt mixture.
Add salt to taste and garnish with coriander leaves.

For additional seasoning, top with fried mustard seeds (optional).

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