Place an order

To place an order, you may do the following

Text your order to: 786-325-3936

Email your order to:

Call me at: 786-325-3936

Or fill out the form below.

You can place your order at any time, and we can generally harvest it and get it to you by the next day, or a day you specify. Pick-up options are at the Farm (in West Perrine) or my house (by The Falls Shopping Center), or at Christine’s office at 190 SE 12th Terrace, just off Brickell Ave, 1 block east of where Coral Way crosses Brickell. If you place your order before 12 noon, we can generally get it to you on the following day. I will help coordinate you with Christine for a convenient pick up time for you both.

  • If possible bring a cooler with some ice when you are picking up, unless you are going straight home.
  • Include your phone number with your order

I can also put you in touch with a foraging service that offers a wide range of local produce produced by me and other farmers that grow different products, and can possibly offer delivery.

The is a $15 minimum order requirement for credit card purchases