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produce1 Swiss Chard Bright Lights
It sets bold, neon-bright stems in a variety of colors -- yellows, pinks, crimsons, oranges, and purples, in addition to "plain old" white, and some with stripes! The color remains if you cook the chard lightly. And the flavor is delicious! Bright Lights Swiss Chard is packed with nutrients. In fact, Swiss chard contains over 300 percent of the RDA of Vitamin K and is high in vitamins A and C and many other trace elements, including iron. Not only is it good for you, it is a delicately flavored green that resembles beet greens and is used like spinach

produce1 Pak-Choi Violetta
Brassica campestris Violetta

Keeps its bold color even after cooking! Why fiddle with plain old green Pak-Choi when you can enjoy the gourmet flavor and great plate appeal of this new deep purple variety? It is rich in procyanidins (PCs), giving you more nutrition from every leaf! The leaves mature quickly, with a very glossy texture, deep reddish-purple hues, and fabulous taste. Commonly known as Chinese Cabbage, Pak-Choi is indispensable in Oriental cuisine, and makes a highly nutritious addition to any meal. It stir-fries beautifully, keeping its intense purple hues even after cooking!

produce1 Romanesco Veronica
Brassica oleracea Romanesco veronica

Almost too beautiful to eat, but so delicious, it keeps its lime-green color even when cooked! Sweeter and milder than Cauliflower, and such plate appeal! Romanesco Veronica has very symmetrical, absolutely lovely lime-green heads topped by tightly-beaded, pointed domes. Excellent raw or cooked, it boasts a milder, sweeter flavor than white Cauliflower, to say nothing of its appetizing visual appeal! Native to the Mediterranean coast of Italy between Naples and Rome, Romanesco is often called "Italian Cauliflower," and it is a member of the Cauliflower family. Veronica is one of its most spectacular members, with lime-green heads, perfect spiraling, and a crisp, rich flavor that works well fresh or cooked.

produce1 Chioggia - Candy Striped Beets
Beta vulgaris

The smooth, medium-height tops are all green with pink-striped stems and sweet flavor. This striking Italian variety is a standard in U.S. specialty markets. Beets are a great source of folate, the b-vitamin known for its role in preventing birth defects in growing fetuses. The root/bulb of the beet is also a good source of iron, potassium and magnesium, although an abundance of nutrition actually lies in its leafy greens. It’s name comes from the striking red & white rings revealed when sliced open!

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